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Emily Kim

"Using 20paths to create SOP's for my company has been a game changer. Intuitive interface and powerful features made it easy to produce professional-quality content in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional methods."

Sarah Thompson

"It' a great way to answer customer query over chat or email. Create a how-to and share it instantly."

Davies Williams

"I highly recommend 20paths to anyone looking to streamline their documentation process."

Michael Rodriguez

"As a freelancer, I often take on projects that require me to create guides and tutorials for my clients. 20paths has been a valuable resource allowing me to produce & share high-quality content quickly and easily."

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Product Demos Simplified.

Make one in 5 minutes flat

Convert leads into customers with Interactive Demos

Use Cases

Support all teams and functions

10x Faster Time to Create & 5x quicker learning with Demos and Guides being made in minutes! Customers & team members can consume at their own pace and preferred format.


Tell Powerful Product Stories that correctly convey what your product is all about.


Customer Success

Create Demos with "aha" moments & descriptive step-by-step Guides. They are searchable in Helpcenters to allow customers to find and learn at their own pace



Train your team members. Stitch together SOPs across different tools and procedures in Multi-Format Guides



Tailor interactive Demos to a particular ICP and a specific stage.



Turn website visitors & social media interactions into leads by showcasing the "aha" moments which they can experience with interactive Demos



Answer specific How-Do-I questions instantly with step-by-step guides


Tell Powerful Product Stories

Easy to make Demos & Guides that are a breeze to share or embed

Click on the Extension to start and then again to finish. Everything from highlighted elements to basic text is auto-generated!

Beautiful Helpcenters

Zero effort Auto-Generated Helpcenters

Powered by interactive Guides & Demos

Helpcenters are automatically created with with your Demos & Guides!

  • Auto Generated

    Just one click to convert any folder into an auto-synced Helpcenter.

  • Always in Sync

    All published Demos & Guides in the connected folder are synced & available in Helpcenter.

  • Custom Domain

    Put the Helpcenter into any custom domain.

  • Embed as Widget

    Embed the Helpcenter on your site.

  • Best SEO

    Well tuned for SEO with great numbers - just add it to your website.

  • Fully customizable

    Customize the aesthetics to match your brand.


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