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Capture Interactions

Explain any process as you go.

  • feature-flower Click on the extension to start recording.
  • feature-flowerGo through the process as you normally would.
  • feature-flowerStop capturing with another click - we will automatically turn it into a formatted guide!


And it’s done! Your Guide is ready

This part feels magical. An interactive Guide is ready with

  • feature-flower Annotated & Highlighted screenshots.
  • feature-flowerStep explainer text.
  • feature-flowerAction to performed on the step.


Customize to tune it, if you must

You can customize the text, highlights, mask sensitive parts in screenshot as needed.

  • feature-flower Change Annotation & Highlights on screenshots.
  • feature-flowerAdd/remove or merge steps, or upload your own image.
  • feature-flowerAdd CTA actions and Branding.


Share interactive guide anywhere

Your can share your Guides in multiple modes - Read Mode, Player Mode, and Demo Mode.

  • feature-flower Share with a link.
  • feature-flowerEmbed guides right on your website, blog or tweets.
  • feature-flowerCustomers never have to leave the page to find an answer.


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Emily Kim

"Using 20paths to create SOP's for my company has been a game changer. Intuitive interface and powerful features made it easy to produce professional-quality content in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional methods."

Sarah Thompson

"It' a great way to answer customer query over chat or email. Create a how-to and share it instantly."

Davies Williams

"I highly recommend 20paths to anyone looking to streamline their documentation process."

Michael Rodriguez

"As a freelancer, I often take on projects that require me to create guides and tutorials for my clients. 20paths has been a valuable resource allowing me to produce & share high-quality content quickly and easily."


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