Answer to How Do I ...?

Automatically Generate Interactive Knowledge Base tutorial Paths

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Increase In-App
User Engagement

Empowers Users to make the best use of your Application. Increases User satisfaction by ensuring they understand your App.

Create & Share In-App Searchable Interactive guides is Minutes. No need for written user guides!

Stop "How Do I ...?" confusion.

Decreases user frustration
Make & Share each part of your SAAS in minutes.

Super Easy to Use

Zero friction creation of Knowledge Base
Simplest way to create an interactive Knowledge Base.
No technical skill required, and takes only minutes.

Create an Interactive Knowledge Base.

A knowledgebase that's not static, and easy to understand for new customers.

Always in Sync with current UI

Is this why you have not invested in making live tutorials / guides? Make once, get a ping when it changes. Easy to update as creation only takes a few minutes, and no dev Knowledge.

In-Context help in muliple formats

Provide help right where it's needed. Jump to the middle of a tutorial. Users don't have to go through the first 5 steps again if they've already done those.

Here What User Gets

Thinks How Do I ...?
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Searches In-App
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