How an Interactive Tutorial Helps Your Customer

Customer thinks "How do I ...?"

  • Even the best of software can be confusing for customers.
  • If your customers are confused about how to use your software, they're not going to keep paying for it.
  • Existing knowledge bases can require technical knowledge, and are not always feasible.
  • An interactive knowledge Base- visually and audibly, can clear the user's doubts with ease.

Does In-App In-Context search

  • The Customer searches for "How do I .. ?" with their doubt.
  • Finds existing topic
  • In context topic availability will work 90% time
  • If the topic doesn't exist, then you get to know what's missing. It helps you find which part of your App confuses your users.

Runs Live Guide

  • If the Customer is midway then player starts from that step
  • Topic will navigate to the URL of the step in background
  • With in page Play ensues to loss of context.
  • Check Formats below

Runs as Slides

  • Clicks on < [PREV STEP]     [NEXT STEP] > to naigate between steps
  • Each screenshot and the Highlighted Area will be positioned in view
  • Text Visible in Callout
  • Voice will play if available

Runs Interactive over-App

  • Each step run in Interactive mode
  • Customer is prompted to the action that you recorded over the Highlighted region
  • Guide progresses to next step only after correct actions is performed
  • Great for learning with repetition of actions

Runs Live In-App

  • Each step run In-App
  • Customer interacts with the App in each step
  • By the end of guide, customer has learnt as well as done the task

Runs Video Over-App

  • Each step run in auto made like a video
  • Each step has exact place where to take user In-App

Reads In-Context Document

  • Each "Take me there" button which take user In-App to exact place
  • Replace standard- "settings > actions > change" with "Take me there" button
  • Each step has Image with Highlights.
  • These can be placed in your knowledge base to super charge them